I have been a licensed amateur since 1983. I currently operate on HF, 6 metres ( SSB & FM), 2 metres (FM), and 70cms (FM). I also work UK CB and 446 MHZ license free pmr frequencies. I have a keen interest in aircraft and marine scanning and hold a marine VHF Certificate of Compentence.

I am a very keen swl of shortwave broadcast and utility stations and decode RTTY weather signals, navtex, DGPS and marine AIS data transmission via shipplotter. I write a monthly maritime radio column for the UK RadioUser magazine and a quarterly marine beacon column for Monitoring Monthly Magazine.

My shortwave equipment consists of a JRC NRD 525 receiver witha Datong AD370 active antenna vertically polarised and located about 5 metres above ground, along with a SEM QRM Eliminator and a Timewave DSP 9+ audio filter. I also have several scanners.

I edit and produce an excellent publication for those involved in NDB dxing, Non Directional Beacons of Europe, now in its tenth edition.

I also carried out a detailed six month study on the possible weather effects concerning skywave propagation of MF frequencies and my report is available.



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