Apart from my amateur radio activities, publications and articles, I have a deep involvement in local based community organisations, being a Director and Assistant Treasurer of Kilkeel Community Association Ltd. (which has charitable status) and is attempting to promote the social regeneration of Kilkeel and provide a Community Centre; a former director of Kilkeel Development Association Ltd. which attempting to revive the economic needs of Kilkeel. In addition I also chaired their Tourism Development Sub Committee. I was Chairperson of the Kingdom of Mourne Festival Committee from, 1997 to 2008 responsible for the organisation, financing and running of an annual ten day festival with over 200 events in July every year. I was also secretary of the local Chamber of Commerce for several years.

I am a fully licensed radio amateur and have written features for the former Short Wave Magazine, and write the regular "Maritime Matters" and  "NDB DXing" columns for RadioUser magazine and wrote a regular Maritime Beacons column for the former "Monitoring Monthly" magazine.


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