Following the demise of Radio User magazine this page will carry useful information concerning the many aspects of maritime radio. The maritime radio column in Radio User magazine was a reference source for those begining to listen to maritime radio as a hobby but also for the more experienced listener. The aim of this webpage is to provide a reference source for the maritime radio listener and help them develop their hobby in the various aspects of maritime radio. This will include MF/HF and VHF frequency information, information on navtex and HF Maritime Safety Information (MSI) broadcasts, and marine weather information transmitted by radiofax and RTTY. I am also considering writing a bi-monthly or quarterly maritime radio news page that will be available via this page. When using the internal links on this page please use the back button on your browser to return to the main maritime radio page.

Marine VHF frequency information document links:

British Isles Inland Waterways

NAVTEX & HF Maritime Safety Information (MSI) broadcasts
For details of Navtex stations & HF MSI broadcast schedules visit
2023 Navtex schedules available here

Marine Logs
These logs have been recently received at my location using my SDRplay RSPdx and Boni mini whip antenna mounted at 7 metres above ground level.
MSI broadcasts

Information on software from marine radio data modes here

Useful websites useful site for Navtex, HF NBDP and HF Voice frequencies and schedule broadcasts information on British Isles coastal radio stations, UK & Ireland coastguard MSI broadcasts MF frequency list and port radio channels. UK weekly Notices to Mariners Ireland Notice to Mariners Canadian coastguard website US Coastguard website US Coastguard weather broadcast information cruise ship and maritime frequencies search for ship's particulars


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