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Hello my name is Robert Connolly GI7IVX.
I am a keen Non Directional Beacon (NDB) &
Shortwave Radio dxer,
Licensed amateur radio operator. I also write radio related articles and publications.

I hope that you enjoy your visit to my web pages, which although dedicated toNDB
dxing, it also contains some details about Kilkeel, Co. Down, Northern Ireland, where I live.


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Electronic mail address: robert at 'nospam'kilkeel dot org dot uk
PLEASE NOTE THAT UNAUTHORISED USE OF THIS E MAIL ADDRESS TO GENERATE SPAM ETC WILL RESULT IN BEING TRACKED AND SUBSEQUENT LEGAL ACTION BEING ENFORCED. Those wishing to contact by e-mail should use the above address and remove 'nospam' and change the at fand dot for the symbols manually before sending. This is to reduce the amount of automatically generated spam

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